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Madden nfl 23 :There are so many outstanding offensive linem

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Madden nfl 23 :There are so many outstanding offensive linem

Mesajde wangyue36612 » Joi Ian 19, 2023 5:45 am

There's been some allegations that Pickett could appear overly confident, which will most likely cause teams to be concerned -particularly when you consider that his main areas of improvement must be in how he views and reacts to pressure. It's not a doubt that he'll receive lots of stern looks from teams, but he'll be leaving this year's Senior Bowl more or less the same way he started.

Minnesota defensive lineman Boye Mafe was thought to be a Top 100 player with a chance to be chosen on Day Two of Madden NFL 23 Draft. He's not. A freak athlete with technique concerns No one did more for themselves than Mafe during his participation in the Senior Bowl.

The edge rusher was a sponge when being taught, taking in all that was given to him and continually getting better throughout the week. When it came time to the game, he sped off. Mafe completed the game with two defensive sacks and a tackle for the loss and an forced fumble. This all in just five days of training with his hands on the ground. Really, he'd been an outstanding pass rusher up to the Senior Bowl, and immediately was a major force.

There's no doubt Mafe has been a subject of ridicule with his performance, and the only factor keeping him out of the first round is the depth of the class of pass rushers is. Still, I could see him sneaking into the back-end of the first round to join the playoff team, where you could be a rotating rusher for the first time, with the prospect of becoming an improvement player in the season two.

There are so many outstanding offensive linemen this year that it became easy to overlook Trevor Penning out of Northern Iowa. This shouldn't be the case any longer. Penning changed his mind from the possibility of a second or third round pick , and he looks the part of an individual who could be taken by someone in the first.

At 6'6'' and 330lbs, his weight is only beaten by Alabama's Evan Neal, who will likely go in the Top 10. Penning has also learned to make the most of his size and use it to his advantage, and also has extremely fast feet for a man of his size. Additionally, he demonstrated a steady streak in Senior Bowl practices this week that makes old-school football guys get excited.

One of the more intriguing QBs that doesn't get a lot of attention are Carson Strong, and there's no need to overstate the fact that he had a poor season. It's going take an individual team that appreciates his stature, pocket QB, to choose Strong from the beginning However, one of the major selling points for Strong has been the choices he's making in the pocket.

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