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When you play 3-4-3 you tend to create pressure on the flank

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When you play 3-4-3 you tend to create pressure on the flank

Mesajde MeadeDorian » Vin Mar 17, 2023 11:05 am

Set pieces have not only developed from a mechanic perspective and visually improved. When combined with strong players and those that are proficient at flying becoming relevant again, it's encouraging to be able to see EA improve this area and game.

A feature that I was interested in trying on my own was the new physics system. The new physics system HyperMotion 2 being touted as an opportunity to bring more realistic physical physics to the game, I wanted to know how the changes would have an impact at all. It's an uncertain outcome regarding this aspect.

On one side, you'll see the updated ball's mechanics as you switch between the play. The ball spins and rotates real-time as you follow the ball's trajectory.You'll be much more aggressive when you play the 3-4-3 formation, which provides two slots each for left and right-handed midfielders. Three center backs hold the fort as best they can. Pace is essential to this form of play, particularly for defensive players who need to compensate the low numbers they have with the ability to run.

The wingers should also have speed their disposal because they must assist in the back, if needed. Attack is usually the most effective defensive option in FIFA 23, but this approach is not without risks.

When you play 3-4-3 you tend to create pressure on the flanks, the 4-2-2 formation is one whose magic originates from the middle. The midfielders that are fast and aggressive are essential to achieve successful flanking movements - but they also eat away at the energy you require to counterattack, so select your strategy carefully.

Thanks to four defenders and two defensive midfielders, there is the strength to back up your game and compete effectively against attacks from opponents. If you often run into issues defensively, this's an excellent option.

If you're in the middle of a glut of top attacking midfielders in your club and you do not want to let them languish on the bench, the 4-2-3-1 system is one option worth considering.

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